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Relevant information, resources and contact details, when fleeing Ukraine via Romania, irrespective of citizenship.

Contact us if you want to help refugees and their families via the University of Bucharest, or if you want to suggest a useful resource for this platform. Volunteer for reputable organizations who can manage efficiently the resources and trace potential abusers.

Most Romanian universities have programs in Romanian, but some also have programs in English and French, as well as in other languages of international or regional circulation. Currently, several faculties of the University of Bucharest offer programs in Romanian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian, as well as the possibility to learn more foreign languages. More details on the legal framework, procedures and admission.

Refugees can easily become target of abuse. Get informed, help victims and report abuse. For emergencies call 112 (EU-wide free call).

Public condemnations of the war, appeals for peace and international solidarity on behalf of academics or scholarly initiatives, and resources for supporting members of the academic community who are in need or at risk.

This platform is continuously updated and more linguistic versions are currently prepared. Please contact us at uni4Ukraine@fspub.unibuc.ro if you want to suggest a resource or provide pro bono translation and linguistic proofread services for the information available on this website.